Fixed Tow Bar

Part No. 1702166

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    Mondeo 09/2010 – 08/2014 5-door

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  • Fixed Tow bar, only for use with vehicle's specific electrical kit. Ford recommends that you use a qualified technician to fit parts. Damage owing to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.

    Engineered specifically for your Ford and designed for full compatibility and integration with your vehicle's electrical systems, a fixed tow bar is permanently attached to your vehicle, so it's always there when you need it.

    A range of tow bars is available:

    • Fixed
    • Detachable
    • Retractable

    The tow bar range is:

    • Designed to help prevent damage to the fuel system and maintain access to the rear of the vehicle in the event of a collision
    • Tested to legal and Ford requirements to help prevent long-term stress or damage to the vehicle
    • Designed to help protect the passenger cabin in the event of a collision
    • Designed for compatibility and integration with your vehicle's electrical systems
    • Designed to be model-specific, for easy installation - along with model-specific wiring kits (purchased separately)
    • Designed to be corrosion-resistant according to Ford guidelines

    The wiring kits are:

    • Designed to work with the vehicle's CAN Bus system, so that they integrate with Ford electrical systems
    • Tested in a variety of test conditions, including salt spray for 480 hours, to help ensure continued functionality

    See the Ford Owner's Manual for information on load capacity for towing / carrying bike carriers.

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