Ranger NLG* Bed Liner Bed Rug, carpet 2012 – 01/2019

Part No. FD009#

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    Ranger 2012 – 01/2019 Double cab, from 05/2012 onwards

£503.13 including VAT

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  • Bed Rug, carpet

    The plush finish of the Bed Rug bed liner does not obviously show it to be a rugged hard warring bed protection product. The Bed Rug liner is both durable and practical. The Bed Rug bed liner is comprised of a very tough stain resilient closed cell foam that is water proof to provide durability and ease of pressure washer cleaning. The cushioned underside can be likened to the foam found in life jackets, its closed cell structure is both water resistant and durable. Due to easy cleaning capabilities of the Bed Rug it can be used to load all building materials such as bricks, hardcore, and sand etc whilst protecting the load bed from dints and scratches.

    Rugged, hard-wearing bed protection. Water and stain-resistant, these bed liners are designed to be durable, practical and easy to clean.