EVBox* Elvi Wall Box with fixed cable and kWh meter, up to 7.4kW charging capacity

Part No. 2450629

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    Explorer 08/2019 –

    Tourneo Custom 06/2019 – PHEV

    Transit Custom 06/2019 – PHEV

    Kuga 12/2019 – PHEV

    Mustang Mach-E 09/2020 –

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  • with fixed cable and kWh meter, up to 7.4kW charging capacity

    Smart and efficient home battery charging solution for your fully electric or hybrid vehicle. Charges with a significantly higher capacity than using a regular power outlet. Operates effortlessly through a WiFi connection. The charging management app "Hey EVBox" allows you to individually optimize power consumption and distribution as well as tracking and downloading your charging transactions from your mobile device or desktop computer (subscription required). The unique LED ring status indicator ensures an optimal communication between you and the station at all times. Easy to use, install and upgrade with modular click-on features. Requires very low maintenance due to its durable weatherproof and modular design. Mountable on a wall or pole (separately available as accessory). Additional cable dock for the wall mounted option is also separately available as accessory. Full-service installation by certified technicians provides fitment at the optimal location of your home. Main features: a charging capacity: 7.4kW. Connection capacity: single-phase, 230V – 400V, 50-60 Hz. Max. output power: 32A. Cable length: 4 m. Dimensions including packaging (l x w x h): 420 mm x 325 mm x 425 mm. Weight: 9 kg. Fully CE-certified. Please note: the stated maximum charging capacity and output power are theoretical values. The actual charging efficiency when using the EVBox Elvi Wallbox strictly depends on various factors such as your home network configuration and performance, the performance of the charging cable used, the capacity of your vehicle’s on-board charging and battery management system and the battery size. Please refer to the technical specifications of your home network and the vehicle’s owners manual for the individual maximum achievable charging capabilities.

    Get the most from your electric vehicle and charge its battery more conveniently at home. The EVBox* ELVI wallbox charges your vehicle much quicker than a standard household plug socket, to help ensure your vehicle is ready to go whenever you need it.