Electrical Kit for Tow Bar 13 pin connector

Part No. 1929281

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    Transit Connect 02/2014 – 05/2018

    Tourneo Connect 02/2014 – 05/2018

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  • 13 pin connector

    Required for fitting of fixed tow bar

    Engineered specifically for your Ford and designed to be fully compatible with your vehicle's electrical systems.

    Ford's tow bar electrical kits and adapters ensure safe connection between the vehicle's electrical system and the trailer. They provide for a reliable operation of the trailer's lighting and signalling functions (usually via a CAN-bus trailer tow module):

    • Ford recommends that customers use tow bar electrical kits offered by Ford - the only ones designed, engineered and tested according to the strict Ford's global specifications with regards to safety, durability, fit and function
    • Developed for each vehicle model, to ensure integration with the vehicle's electrical system and safety features
    • Delveloped to interact with other comfort functions via the vehicle's CAN-bus system (e.g. rear parking aid)
    • Enable trailer sway control function on almost all carlines
    • Socket position is ergonomically placed for comfortable connection to the trailer's electrical power line
    • The electrical kit range includes 7-pin electrical kits, 13-pin electrical kits and 13 pin to 7 pin adapters
    • 7-pin electrical kits are an economical solution for the basic lighting functions without reverse lighting. They are suitable for towing small trailers without power feed functions. 7-pin connectors are not allowed for use with bicycle carriers
    • 13-pin electrical kits are manufactured to OEM standard and include a reverse light function with a waterproof bayonet socket. They also feature a permanent power feed and a charging lead for the trailer. 13-pin connectors are suitable for all trailer applications and tow bar accessory transport solutions.
    • 13-pin to 7-pin adapters are available as an accessory and are required if the vehicle and trailer have different connection standards. Available with a choice of plugs and wiring or short adapters
    • Kits contain: harnesses including model-specific connectors, tow bar sockets, tow bar socket plates, support brakets, cable ties, fuses, installation manual and further fitting parts, e.g. screws. If an electronic trailer rear module is required and is not supplied with the kit, this will be required to be ordered separately
    • Compliant with industry norms DIN/ISO 11446 (13-pin connectors) and DIN/ISO 1724 (7-pin connectors)
    • Long-term salt spray tested, to help protect the components from corrosion
    • Climate tested to help ensure heat and cold resistance (approx. -40°C to +80°C)
    • Flammability tested
    • ISO 9001 certified quality management
    • Comes with a Ford warranty

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