Transit Custom Rhino* Roof Base Carrier KammBars 08/2012 – 01/2018

Part No. TB3HK-K23

  • Please check the compatible info for your vehicle carefully. Our Customer Service Team can assist with individual compatibility checks of the part with your vehicle.

    Transit Custom 08/2012 – 01/2018 H2 vehicles only, from 2014 onwards

£246.00 including VAT

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  • KammBars

    3 Bar KammBar System

    If you're looking for valuable extra storage space for a wide range of transportation needs, look no further than Ford's genuine base carrriers (for vehicles without roof rails) or cross bars (for vehicles which already have roof rails fitted). Roof base carriers, or cross bars, are the platform you need to fit any roof carrier or roof box to your vehicle. Genuine Ford base carriers and cross bars are designed and engineered to be secure, aerodynamic and durable to give peace of mind.

    Genuine Ford roof transportation systems are designed and engineered for your vehicle to be durable and functional, as well as looking great:

    • Available for all body types, with or without roof rails

    • Designed to be economical and lightweight, as well as strong and durable

    • Designed to complement the styling and shape of your Ford

    • Engineered specifically for the vehicle's roof line or roof rails

    • Made from high-quality aluminium with durable plastic end fittings

    • Their aerodynamic design helps to minimise wind noise and the impact on fuel consumption

    • Supplied with profiled T-Nut cover strips for enhanced aerodynamics and to help minimise noise levels

    • Feature practical fastening solutions for quick and easy installation and removal

    • One-Key System (available as an accessory, at an additional cost) with 4 or 8 replacement cylinders, so that you can use the same key for your roof rack and all your Thule roof transportation attachments

    • Allow easy fitment of roof transportation attachments, such as ski, snowboard, kayak or bike carriers

    • In addition to testing to industry standards, fitment to the vehicle is tested to additional standards e.g. city crash test

    • They are corrosion-tested, to help reduce unsightly rust marks being left on the vehicle

    • They are road tested on vehicles to help maintain ride and handling, as well as low noise levels

    • They are tested to ensure that they are durable

    • Manufactured in Europe and in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001 quality management system

    • Ford roof transportation systems comply with FORD global specifications and are examined for strength and durability

    • Are long-term salt spray tested, to help protect the components from corrosion

    • Noise,Vibration, Harshness (NVH) tested to help ensure low noise levels while driving

    • Vehicle dynamic testing with maximum roof loads applied, to help maintain vehicle performance and unimpaired operation of its features

    • Pascar road tested to help ensure durability

    • Climate tested to help ensure heat and cold resistance of all roof rack components (approx. -40°C to +80°C)

    • Comes with a warranty