Ranger Style-X* Snorkel Ironman 4x4 2012 – 01/2019

Part No. 1873725

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    Ranger 2012 – 01/2019

£455.00 including VAT

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  • Ironman 4x4

    Protects the engine from dust and water ingestion when driving off road. The snorkel will ensure clean and dry air intake in any road conditions. Please note: the air-ram of the snorkel has to face backwards in snowy conditions. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for official wading limits. Ford recommends that you use a qualified technician to fit parts. Damage owing to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.

    Helps to provide clean air to the engine in dusty conditions and helps to protect the engine from sucking water when wading, provided the official wading depth is not exceeded. Air-ram must face backwards in snowy conditions.