Puma Mud Flaps rear, contoured 10/2019 –

Part No. 2458858

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    Puma 10/2019 – Low Trend, Core High Trend, Titanium and Titanium X

£42.84 including VAT

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  • rear, contoured

    Set of 2. Ford recommends that you use a qualified technician to fit parts. Damage owing to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.

    Ford original equipment (OE) mud flaps are a practical product with everyday benefits.

    Genuine Ford mud flaps are designed specifically for your vehicle. Manufactured from heavy-duty materials and contoured to fit your model, they:

    • Help keep your vehicle cleaner, by reducing road spray and dirt on the exterior of your vehicle
    • Help to maintain its residual value, by helping to protect your vehicle's paintwork from stone chips

    Genuine Ford mud flaps are available as separate sets for front and rear.