Xvision* Parking Distance Sensors with fitting from 09/2011 onwards

Part No. 38090285 Fitted

  • Please check the compatible info for your vehicle carefully. Our customer service team can assist with individual compatibility checks of the part with your vehicle.

    Ranger 2012 – 01/2019

£349.00 including VAT

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  • With bigger vehicles, tighter parking spaces and Britain’s increasingly busy roads, Xvision* parking distance sensors come with an audible warning chime and turn reversing, parking and manoeuvring in confined areas into a less stressful experience. They help reduce the chance of having a costly bump too, making an Xvision* system not just convenient, but also a valuable driving aid. Ideal for drivers who find it difficult to look backwards whilst reversing, Xvision* parking sensors also help to:

    • Protect your vehicle and pedestrians
    • Reduce expensive repair bills and insurance excess payments
    • Protect your no claims bonus
    • Protect your vehicle's residual value

    Xvision* parking distance sensors are available for the front and / or rear of Ford passenger cars and Ford Commercial Vehicles.


    Xvision* Xvision Parking Distance Sensors Front sensors, matt black

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