Rubber Floor Mats tray style with raised edges, front, black

Part No. 2196334

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    KA+ 06/2016 – 02/2018

    KA+ 03/2018 –

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  • tray style with raised edges, front, black

    Contoured, set of 2, with KA+ logo and fixings on driver’s side. Raised edges provide even better protection of the interior carpet against dirt and damp

    Ford original equipment (OE) rubber mats are designed specifically for your vehicle. Their synthetic rubber elastic material helps to protect your vehicle's interior from dirt and damp.

    Genuine Ford floor mats are tailored to fit your Ford and designed to complement the interior of your vehicle. Made from high quality material, they help to protect your interior from everyday wear and tear.

    A range of original equipment Ford floor mats is available:

    • Standard - Ford's standard mats are made from durable velour or needle-felt, depending on the model
    • Velour - Ford's premium floor mats add an extra touch of luxury and style
    • Rubber - Ford's all-weather floor mats, or rubber mats as they are commonly known, are made from durable TPE, for heavy-duty use and are ease to rinse with a hose

    Ford recommends that Ford customers use only genuine Ford floor mats – designed, engineered and tested to Ford’s specific requirements for:

    • Fogging – amount of condensation on glass or interior trim
    • Odour
    • Flammability – as a specified by ISO 3795
    • Fade resistance
    • Cracking resistance – when folded at -30°C
    • Wear resistance – resistance to snagging and abrasion

    Where required, Ford’s OE front floor mats come ready-drilled for the vehicle’s fixings. This is an important safety feature.

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