ACV* Qi Wireless Charging Kit integrated vehicle-specific solution

Part No. 2265067

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    Fiesta-ST 07/2017 –

    Fiesta 07/2017 –

    Fiesta Van 08/2019 –

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  • integrated vehicle-specific solution

    Tailor-made plug-and-play system enabling quick and easy wireless charging for Qi compatible smartphones (inductive charging technology). Starts charging immediately when the smartphone is placed onto the charging pad inside its dedicated storage and automatically switches into standby mode when the battery is full. For additional safety the charger shuts off in case coins or other metals come in contact with the charging pad. Kit includes; vehicle-specific anti-slip-charging pad and installation cable

    Quicker, easier and neater than wired charging, a wireless charging kit allows you to recharge a range of devices whilst you are on the move. There’s no need to plug and unplug each time - simply place the device on top of the wireless charging pad.

    • Enables charging of mobile devices without a cable
    • Easier and neater than wired charging
    • Enables one charger to be used for devices from many different manufacturers
    • Designed to complement the interior of your vehicle
    • Made from durable, state-of-the-art materials
    • Developed according to Ford OEM standards
    • Manufactured in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    • Engineered in Germany
    • Comes with a 2-year ACV warranty